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Legenda Sepasang Batu di Tepi Danau Laut Tawar

Legenda Sepasang Batu di Tepi Danau Laut Tawar - In ancient times in the country of Aceh, a pretty face-to-face girl lives. The girl loves and loves her family. Began with his family, the branch loves and loves the girl.

The beauty of the girl sounded to the other side of the ocean. A handsome young man from a respectable family comes to a village where he lives. The young man filed his proposal to marry the girl. The girl did not immediately accept the proposal, she had to counsel with her family.

"Apparently, he is a good and responsible boy. His attitude is decent and unpretentious. It would be a good idea to be your husband. "The father said.

The girl finally accepted the young man's favor after his family gave him a blessing. The wedding party is then held. It's a lively party. All family, relatives, and neighbors come with a happy face to witness the girl's marriage. After a few days living in the village where the girl was, the young man took the girl who had been his wife to return to his hometown across the ocean.

Although she has become the wife of the young man, the heart of the girl is really heavy to leave the family and the village where it is located. But she has to follow her husband's petition as a sign of loyalty and her husband.

Before leaving the girl's father, she ordered, "O my son, stay well in your husband's land. Remember my message, as long as you are on the way, do not look back! Do not ever! If you do, you will be a stone! "

"Well, dad," said the girl.

The girl and her husband left the village to start a long journey to the country across the ocean. From the village where she lives, the girl must penetrate the jungle's wilderness, climb the hill and cross the freshwater pond. During her journey the girl remained steadfastly holding her father's pesabn. At least he did not dare to turn his face towards the back. Until then the two were in freshwater lakes. By riding a boat, the girl and her husband crossed the lake in a fresh sea.

Some time when the canoe was wading through the sea of ​​Tawar, the girl was very scared. He heard the sound of his beloved Mother's voice. A beloved mother's voice calling her name. The inner and the sense of sigadis split, keeping the message of his father not to turn and turn to fulfill his mother's call. At some point the incident continued, so the girl finally turned to fulfill her call.

The phenomenon occurred. Shortly after the girl let her face back, instantly the girl's body turned into stone.

The girl's wife saddened when she found her body's body turned into stone. Because of love and affection, the girl's husband desires to be with his wife. He then begged him to turn himself into a stone. Application is granted. After applying, the body of the young man who came from the opposite country changed the stone.

A pair of rocks remain on the edge of a freshwater lake. Both are close together as their love of love as husband and wife.

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  1. Wah, menarik sekali. Tambah pengetahuan lagi soal legenda zaman dahulu.

    1. Sebelumnya mohon maaf karna artikel berbahasa inggris :)


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