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Cerita Rakyat Banten : Legenda Asal Mula Cikaputrian

Cerita Rakyat Banten : Legenda Asal Mula Cikaputrian - This year's fairy tale is the legend of Telaga Indah in the Banten area, namely Cikaputrian. Short Folk Stories from Banten The Origin Legend Cikaputrian will teach us not to be arrogant and rude to others. Already curious to hear the story. Come listen to sister's story this time.

Short Folklore from Banten: Legend of the Origin of Cikaputrian

In ancient times there lived a king's daughter who was blessed with a very charming face. Very beautiful looks like his face. But unlike her beautiful face, the princess's behavior is very bad and not commendable. Marasa is the daughter of the King, the Princess is very spoiled. All wishes must be obeyed. If not obeyed, he will sulk and be angry. The Princess is also known as a very lazy person. He often spends his time decorating and then admiring his own beauty. One other trait of the Princess is his pride. The Princess feels she is a perfect woman, besides the daughter of a king she also has a very beautiful face.

The King once gave a beautiful castle to his daughter after his daughter insisted. The castle is very beautiful, located at the foot of the mountain. In addition to the magnificent area of ​​the building, the castle is also equipped with a very beautiful garden. Various flower plants are planted in the beautiful garden. As if to complement its beauty, there is a lake near the castle.

The lake near the watery castle is very clear as if it can be used for mirroring. If the Princess is in her castle, the Princess often leaves the lake. The Princess does not allow anyone to be independent on the lake without direct permission from her. The Princess will ask her father to impose a severe sentence on anyone who bathes in the lake without permission.

One day the Princess was in the Purya as usual, the Princess bathed in the lake alone. Her ladies are not even allowed to approach the lake. The princess seemed to want to fully master the lake alone. He is reluctant to share with anyone.

When the Princess was taking a bath, an old woman in a tattered, ragged manner came to the lake. Whether from where the old woman came from because suddenly she appeared near the lake. Like he wanted to take a bath or wash his face on the lake.

The princess was very surprised to find the presence of the old woman dressed in rags. He immediately came and turned his waist in front of the old woman. He said with his face implying anger and his right index finger pointing toward the old woman. "Hey old woman, who are you?"

The old woman was shocked, she just fell silent and stared in surprise at the Princess.

"What do you want me to do to this lake? Want to take a bath?"

The old woman remained silent. He seemed confused and astonished at the Princess's shout.

"Hi old woman! Is it okay for me to not hear my question? "The Princess's eyes glared at the old woman." Or perhaps you are blind so you don't know if this lake is my personal property. This lake is only for me, the king's daughter, not for filthy old women like you. "

The old woman remained silent. His lips seemed trembling like he was holding back anger.

Found the old woman still silent and also did not leave, the Princess rebuked harshly again. "Dirty woman, hurry away from this lake! Go! This clear lake water will get dirty from your dirty and smelly body! ”

"How arrogant you are." Finally the words of the old woman came out.

"What did you say." The princess immediately interrupted. Do you not know
Who is currently facing? "

"I know. I am dealing with a King's Daughter. "Replied the old woman." But is it because you are the princess of the king and you can act as you like with other people? "

"What do you care about?" The princess grew angry. "I'm the princess, I'm free to do whatever I like, including throwing you away! Go away, you dirty woman ugly. "

"You are indeed the king's daughter, but it is not supposed to be a king's daughter free to indulge in pride! Even though your king's daughter is still a human being. Your haughty, harsh words do not come out of the mouth of a man. Your speech is really venomous and only poisonous black snakes have mouths like that. "

As soon as the old woman finished speaking, suddenly a miracle occurred. The sky suddenly turned dark. The thick, rolling clouds are very frightening to see. Suddenly a dazzling glow of light illuminated the darkness followed by a thunderous lightning hit the Princess's body. Instantly the Princess's body bounced and transformed into a venomous black snake!

The princess of the king was hit by the curse of being a poisonous black snake because of his pride.

The incarnate black snake of the king's daughter looks very sad. His tears flowed. Tears of regret. His mouth seemed to move and his voice hissed as if apologizing for his bad treatment of the old woman. However, tears of regret remained tears and regret because the princess's form turned into a snake.

From the sky suddenly a voice was heard towards the incarnate black snake of the princess of the King. "Because of your pride, you are indeed not worthy of being human. You only deserve to be a poisonous snake forever! "

The curse had fallen and remained for the king's Princess.

Despite his regret, the King Princess was still a venomous black snake. Its form cannot return to its original state. With tears running down, the black snake entered the lake. Because he was very embarrassed by his current form, he hid in the bottom of the lake which could be used as a hiding place for him.

The appearance of the King's Princess by a curse to transform into a poisonous black snake is known to the residents around the lake. They then named the lake by the name Cikaputrian which means lake where the Princess bathed.

Pesan Moral dari Cerita Rakyat Banten Legenda Asal Mula Cikaputrian adalah :
Hendaklah kita menjauhi sifat sombong karena kesombongan akan merugikan dan meruntuhkan kita dikemudian hari.

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